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Jac Julien
Success Coach

Tired of Yo - Yo Dieting?

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Hey You!

Have you ever dreamed of not running for the ice cream every time you feel stressed out?  What if you didn’t eat that whole bag of chips every Friday night? What if you didn’t sneak into the closet with the cookies when the kids were getting on your last nerve?

Once upon a time you were going to have it all.  You did all the things you were told you “should” – got an education, found a significant other, maybe had 2.5 kids, a dog and maybe even that white picket fence.  Now that you have it “all” you are calling B.S. on this thing called adulthood.  Now you wonder what happened to that Badass girl who was going to rule the world and how do you get her back?

You can win when you have a complete program focusing on YOUR needs!

I believe that before you begin to even think about losing weight you need to be following YOUR vision of what your life should be. Having enough willpower is not the issue, but eating as a replacement for other things in your life is. Until you decide that you want to make changes because you love yourself and want to kick ass in your world, there is no reason to start any type of weight loss.

I work with smart, sassy women to help them reclaim their inner strength to love themselves, slay their food demons and live their empowered life.

Are you ready to Empower Your Life?

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